British Columbia’s Latest Bear Smart Community

Originally Published in the ECOreport Naramata is British Columbia’s latest Bear Smart Community. Kamloops, Squamish, Lions Bay, Whistler and Port Alberni have previously been recognized and another 20 communities are actively pursuing this status. In order to achieve Bear Smart status, communities must: Prepare a bear hazard assessment of the community and surrounding area. Prepare a human-bear conflict

100,000 Bears Killed In Eastern US States

The following analysis breaks down multiple bear death totals. Over 100,000 bears, –  100,103 to be exact – have been killed in annual hunts in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina, and Virginia in the last dozen years or so. Virginia In Virginia, 10,972 bears have been killed in legal hunts

Bear That Bit Man Will Not Be Killed

A grizzly bear that bit a man several times will not be killed by conservation officials. It was determined that the bear was female and had two cubs with her when a chance encounter with the man left her startled and in a defensive mode. In other words, she was merely defending her cubs from

Mountain Lion Attacks Man, Man Saved by Bear

  This is an amazing story. Apparently, a man quite familiar with spying on a family of bears was admiring them recently just before being pounced on by a mountain lion! Even more shocking, the mother bear actually came to the man’s rescue and fought the mountain lion off! Here are more details from our

Good News, But Yellowstone Grizzlies Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

Grizzly bears and the many people working to protect them received great news recently: Last week, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave its long-awaited ruling on whether the Yellowstone grizzly bear should lose federal Endangered Species Act protection (ESA). Thankfully, the 9th Circuit ruled in favor of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, agreeing that

Loaded Breasts and Loaded Guns [cartoon]

More on Breasts and Guns From Grist: Palin and Bachmann trash Michelle Obama’s breast-feeding advocacy From CNN: Palin defends rule allowing loaded weapons in national parks From EcoChildsPlay: Posts on breastfeeding From Mother Nature Network: More on breastfeeding The rest of Joe Mohr’s cartoons, and cartoon updates and other green news on Twitter @GreenCartoons. photo

Help Save the Great Bear Rainforest & Spirit Bears

I’ve written about the magical spirit bears on Planetsave before. They are, unfortunately, threatened with extinction from overly rapacious oil companies. A petition over on directed at key government leaders is aimed at protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and spirit bears. Here’s the intro: Enbridge, Inc. has plans to build an oil pipeline through

Hybridization Good and Bad for Arctic Mammals

The seasonal loss of ice in the Arctic which scientists believe will eventually lead to ice-free summers could have both beneficial and negative effects for the mammals that have over millennia adapted to life in the cold and harsh environment, according to a new research paper published in the December 15 issue of the journal

Spirit Bears, and How You Can Help Protect Them [VIDEOS]

“Spirit bears” (aka Kermode bears) are a very unique subspecies of North American black bears. About 1/10th of the Kermode bear subspecies are born white (hence the name), due to some sort of genetic variation scientists are yet to pinpoint. The most common belief is that bears are born with white hair for the same

Yellowstone Grizzlies Back on Endangered Species List

[social_buttons] In 2007 federal protections were dropped for the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies. Ever since then, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition have been fighting to give protection back to the bears. They argued that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) failed to address the loss of essential food sources for the bears, whitebark pine seeds

Alaska Under Attack Again

I haven’t always been the liberal nutjob that I am now. There was a time when I was right behind Bush for trundling in to Iraq, and found the idea of protecting animals very much the picture of “hippie” idiocy. But, with age came wisdom, and with wisdom came a shift in my view of

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