Bear Steals Dumpster from Restaurant (Video)

The part where the bear stands upright and walks backwards on two paws is striking. The movements look very human. The scene also raises some intriguing questions, such as, does the bear know it is taking something that is owned by someone else? Or at least that it is invading foreign territory for a raid?

Spirit Bears, and How You Can Help Protect Them [VIDEOS]

“Spirit bears” (aka Kermode bears) are a very unique subspecies of North American black bears. About 1/10th of the Kermode bear subspecies are born white (hence the name), due to some sort of genetic variation scientists are yet to pinpoint. The most common belief is that bears are born with white hair for the same

Friendship between LION, TIGER and BEAR [VIDEO & PICS] If we could all just get along like these three unusual friends, we would live in a much different world. In human society, people often do not like others simply because they are different. Humans kill over this matter. In more normal and everyday life, people may not kill each other but may not

Yellowstone Grizzlies Back on Endangered Species List

[social_buttons] In 2007 federal protections were dropped for the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies. Ever since then, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition have been fighting to give protection back to the bears. They argued that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) failed to address the loss of essential food sources for the bears, whitebark pine seeds

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