Banks: Worst of the Worst (20 Worst)

A number of NGOs have ranked the world’s ‘top’ banks on how dirty they are, based on how much money they give to coal projects. The report released by the NGOs is titled, “Bankrolling Climate Change.” Can you guess the top contributors to climate change?

Federal Reserve Bailout of Big Banks Robbed U.S. (BIG Time)

Check out news on the robbing of the United States. Senator Alan Grayson on the same thing, but adding some more info and context: More from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, one of our true leaders in Congress, (and he’s got a proposal to solve this problem): More in text on RT. Here’s the intro: We knew

650,000 Switched to Credit Unions in October (OWS Score!)

If you haven’t heard by now, credit unions are making a killing off of the fast-growing Occupy Wall Street movement. 650,000 people moved from big banks to credit unions in October, 50,000 more than in ALL of 2010. New deposits totaled $4.5 billion. I think that while big banks aren’t suffering yet, they’re feeling the

Occupy Globe; Reciprocity in Rules

“It is Bank profits before people.” “The banks are above people being able to eat.” This quote is from an occupy protester as she was interviewed by Amy Goodman for non-profit radio. As Amy let the woman speak, the woman’s story unfolds: She has a master’s degree in social work and a student loan dept

Everything is Connected: Currents of Activism, Occupy Wall Street, Tar Sands

Everything is connected: the things we do, the things others do, affect people’s lives. The aura of our material planet is a body of energy that is part of us and extends around us from the inside out. This connectivity is showing up willfully in our streets. Bill Mikkiben points out: “We cannot solve the carbon problem until we solve the power problem.” He also acknowledges the good timing of now-linking movements of activism. The time of putting positive energy into a collective force is in action now as a space to heal these gaping wounds in culture and environment unfolds.

Global Weirding News of the Week

Since we had plenty of news last Friday and I was heading out of town, I decided to leave our weekly roundup of global weirding and environmental news (that we didn’t already cover) to Monday. Here’s the global weirding portion. Climate: Student Reporters Take on Climate Change and Security Coincidences abound—just after posting an item

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