Arizona State University

Top Ten New Species of 2012: Sneezing Monkeys, Extreme Nematodes, A Night-Blooming Orchid, An 'Oh Boy!' Sea Jelly, and More

Each year at this time, the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE, Arizona State University) convenes a meeting of taxon experts (i.e., experts in classifying organisms) to  select the ‘top ten new species’ discovered in the preceding year. It’s no easy task; last year some 18,000 new species were “officially described” (most being microbes).The IISE

Jumping Cockroaches! 'Top Ten New Species' of 2010 Announced

A leech with over-sized teeth, a glow-in-the-dark mushroom, a bacterium that eats iron, a giant orb spider that spins super silk…”New” to us, for sure, but not new in Nature. Some on the list have been around for millions of years,no doubt. Some, like the jumping cockroach, may not so appealing to human ears.

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