Arctic sea ice extent

Antarctica and Arctic Polar Opposites

  Never let it be said that planet Earth made life easy for its scientists. A new NASA study has shown that, while the Arctic has been losing ice each summer, Antarctica has been gaining ice. “There’s been an overall increase in the sea ice cover in the Antarctic, which is the opposite of what

December 2010: Lowest Arctic Sea Ice Extent in Satellite Record

The disinformers like to focus on where it’s cold, which happens to be where most of the people of, but where it’s hot looks to be more consequential, given the impacts of melting ice in both the Arctic and Greenland. That’s part of a piece on Climate Progress regarding the latest news concerning sea ice

Global Warming News of the Week — Focus on the Arctic

Along with the articles we wrote on global warming this week — on the finding that women are more likely to back scientific consensus on global warming than men, on Artic sea ice being the third-lowest in history, on the lack of media coverage of Pakistan’s greatest disaster in modern history and other global warming-related

NOAA: Hottest May, Spring, & January-May on Record

Almost every month this year is setting a new record as the hottest, according to the NOAA. [social_buttons] Yes, it wasn’t long ago I was writing about April being the hottest April and Jan-April being the hottest Jan-April on record. Now, the NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center has published its next monthly “State of the Climate

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