arctic ice

Polar Bear Cubs Drowning due to Climate Change

A group of biologists that have been studying polar bears off the coast of Alaska have determined that polar bear cubs are drowning, due to loss of sea ice. They are being forced to make longer swims than normal just to find land or stable ice sheets.

Climate Scientists Swimming Under the Arctic Ice — Stunning [VIDEO]

Amazing, isn’t it? Stunning. Beautiful. & make sure to watch to the end to see some truly amazing creatures. Here’s what our favorite climate denial de-crocker, Peter Sinclair, has to say about the research going on in these extremely cold and stunningly beautiful areas: Stranger and more delicate than any computer generated imagery – this short

Minimum Ice Record Unlikely for 2008

Over the past 12 months there has been one big fear lingering over the environmental community. It was a year ago that we were watching the Arctic ice disappearing at a tremendous rate, and saw it slip to its lowest levels in recorded history. Subsequently, we also saw the complete opening of the Northwest Passage

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