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Human Undergoes Horrendous Animal Testing for Animal Rights

  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t watch the video. The opening picture of the Feelgood Style post on this matter was enough for me: Here’s the full Feelgood Style post, Human Undergoes Animal Testing for Animal Rights: Performance artist Jacqueline Traides agreed to publicly undergo animal testing techniques to show what animals endure in

Shit the FBI Says (VIDEO)

This is a tremendous, awesome video from Will Potter of Green is the New Red. Potter is an expert on the FBI and its growing obsession with labeling activists (in particular, animal and environmental activists) terrorists—check it out: As Potter notes, “every activist should know shit the FBI says.” “Like the videos that started the trend,

Terrell Suggs, NFL Linebacker, Goes PETA (VIDEOS)

  PETA does a great job of getting household names and celebrities who love animals to speak up and push our society in a more animal-friendly direction. Most recently, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has teamed up with PETA (or ‘gone PETA’, as I may start calling it). “He may be one of the toughest linebackers in

Meatout — Coming to a City Near You

  Meatout activists are looking to help more people dump the cause of at least 51% of our global warming pollution emissions this March. These activists are organizing events around the country and around the world for March 20. All 50 U.S. states and at least two dozen other countries will be participating. More info

Person-to-Person Vegan Outreach

  Into helping to protect animals from horrid factory farming and massacre? Want to do more than just go vegetarian or vegan yourself? Vegan Outreach does great work meeting with people one-on-one and distributing useful, important informational materials. But it relies a lot on donations to get the word out. Note the correlation between annual

Take Action: Tell Chick-fil-A to Stop Airing Cruel Elephant Ad

Elephants are beautiful, thoughtful creatures — people love them. I imagine this is why they are in so many ads and movies. However, some of the people and companies that own elephants are not elephant lovers. In fact, some are downright cruel towards the sensitive creatures. Chick-fil-A is currently running an ad with an elephant

National Factory Farming Conference

Planetsave is one of the media sponsors for Farm Sanctuary’s 1st ever National Conference on Factory Farming. I wrote an intro post on this over on Eat Drink Better, another sponsoring site. Here’s that info, reposted in full:

Top Activism Stories

I was in the UK for 4 days to visit a friend and then to be interviewed by CNBC for it and Harvard Business Review’s Energy Opportunities series. So, fell a little behind on daily activism news. But here’s a roundup after catching up. A ton of great activism (using the term a little generously today) stories — check them out!

Top Activism & Politics Stories (Videos)

Other than the terrific piece new Planetsave writer and activist Kate Follot just wrote, here are some top activism stories of the past few days. They cover topics related to transportation, the tar sands, climate change, animals, nature, food, and more. Check them out:

Activism News (Weekly Round-Up)

Below are some top green activism and animal activism stories of the week (3 of the stories include or are about the 3 videos above). For more activism news, check out our own Activism stories here on Planetsave.

Bold Native {VIDEO}

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard about this excellent animal liberation film, Bold Native, until a friend shared it with me on StumbleUpon. Haven’t heard of Bold Native either? Here’s an intro from the website (and above is a trailer)…

12 Animal Activists Arrested in Spain for "Eco-Terrorism"

Soooo ridiculous. Will Potter, THE expert on animal and environmental activists being inappropriately treated as terrorists had a breaking story yesterday on 12 animal rights and environmental activists who have been arrested in Spain and labelled “eco-terrorists.” It seems to have gone viral (gotten extremely popular), and for good reason.

Playboy Model Victoria Eisermann Advocates to Ban Racehorse Whipping by Offering to Give a Whipping

Playboy model Victoria Eisermann joined in Animal Aid’s efforts to ban the use of whips on racehorses today, Ladies’ Day, by “offering punters the surprise experience of a spanking, using a diamond studded whip” at the gates of Royal Ascot. As Animal Aid reports: “This will allow race-goers a chance to experience a similar beating to that which horses will receive from jockeys during the Royal race meeting.”

Whale Wars' Paul Watson Video Interview — "Arrest Me or Shut Up" (& Calls Greenpeace Activists Cowards)

From his earlier days at Greenpeace to his current efforts with the show “Whale Wars” in Libyan waters, Paul Watson has focused on direct action that not only attracts eyes but gets results. In this short interview with NYTimes’ Andy Revkin, Watson speaks about his strategy compared to current-day Greenpeace’s — intervening in illegal whaling, not protesting it (and doesn’t refrain from calling Greenpeace activists cowards!).

Animal Aid: "Help Ban Shark Finning"

For all those in the UK who care about sharks and want to see an end to shark finning, here’s an action opportunity via Animal Aid: The European Union Commission is currently reviewing the EU shark finning ban, and this is a great opportunity to close the loopholes in the current regulations. Please contact your

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