animal abuse

Hunt Official Caught on Camera Beating Hound There’s basically one way to describe this, disgusting. The League Against Cruel Sports reports: On 18th November, our Operations Team were monitoring a hunt in the north Cotswolds, close to the village of Weston sub Edge. They witnessed a red-coated hunt official relentlessly laying into one of the hunt’s hounds. Watch carefully as the

"The cruelty on show is the worst I have seen."

UK animal advocacy organization Animal Aid published  “its full investigation into UK slaughterhouses” last week, describing “the ‘utter horror’ of slaughter in so-called ‘humane’ British abattoirs.” “The cruelty on show is the worst I have seen,” wrote Chief Executive of the Food Standards Agency Tim Smith. For the study: Animal Aid visited seven randomly chosen

USDA Rescues Abused Elephant From Circus Trainer

The USDA has confiscated Ned, a severely underweight male elephant from circus trainer Lance Ramos, aka Lancelot Kollman. Only the second elephant to have been confiscated by the USDA, Ned was taken from Ramos for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and was placed with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

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