An Inconvenient Truth

Disney And Al Gore Help Mobilize Teens To Fight Climate Change

The Magical World Of Disney And Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth Are Bringing Teens Across America To The Front Of The Line In The Fight Against Climate Change. About 2,000 teens have signed on with an organization called Inconvenient Youth to tell their friends, neighborhoods, generation and anyone who will listen that the time to take

Polar Bear Finally Listed as ‘Endangered’

For a long time now we’ve spoken about the continuing effort by US and other environmental and animal rights groups to get the polar bear listed on the United States Endangered Species Act. Polar bear populations have been declining over the past few years, attributable, some claim, to man-made global warming. Al Gore helped the

Scientists Debating An Inconvenient Truth

It has been one of the most polarizing movies of cinematic history, and it didn’t even feature Brad Pitt. Rather, Al Gore, for the majority of An Inconvenient Truth, stood in front of a crowd of people – or journaled from the road – and told people that global warming was bad, and that we

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