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Review: The Long Shadow Of Chernobyl

Though we try to keep a very positive focus here, PlanetSave isn’t just a blog about the wonders of the natural world and the glory of Mankind’s inventions. It also offers knowledge and a caution about our failures as individuals and as a species. We’ve all made mistakes before, big and small. By acknowledging anthropogenic

Renewables (Bikes!) Power Times Square New Year's Ball

New York “rides in” the New Year as Times Square visitors bike to help power the New Year’s Eve Ball (© Charles Sykes, Invision, for Citi, on Treehugger). You heard it right. When the festive ball drops to usher in 2014, renewable energy will contribute to the flashiness of its cascade. For the past three

13-Year-Old Creates Breakthrough Solar Technology.. Then Gets Debunked (+ Top Green Living Stories)

One of the biggest green living stories of the past several days is one of a a 13-year-old, Aidan Dwyer, who reportedly created and filed a patent for a groundbreaking, super energy-efficient solar panel array setup based on the Fibonacci sequence of some tree branches. The system was supposedly 20% more efficient than traditional, flat solar panel arrays, in general, and 50% more efficient in winter.

Costs vs True Value/Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of solar really do match the cost of solar, but many of the benefits, often important to society or rate-payers as a whole, are invisible to individuals. Government incentives to encourage solar power adoption, thus, make complete & practical sense. Truthfully, the incentives offered for solar power purchasing should be even greater.

Do You Have a Sauer Energy Wind Turbine Yet?

Now, you may or may not know, other than working on Planetsave, the place I spend most of my time is working on CleanTechnica, our sister site dedicated to covering topics such as wind energy, solar energy, and energy efficiency. I actually was not much of a tech guy just a few years ago, but I started writing on there two summers ago and slowly became obsessed. Now, I’m considered an expert in the field.

Solar Compared (Gram for Gram) to Nuclear and Coal

Susan Kraemer of our sister site Cleantechnica recently covered an interesting story, a comparison of solar to nuclear and coal by weight. Take a guess which one wins. Here’s the intro from Susan. An interestingly novel way of comparing solar power with nuclear power finds that solar easily bests nuclear. Ken Zweibel has an analysis at The

The Environmental Effects of Tidal Turbines

Researchers from the University of Washington are investigating the feasibility of tidal turbines for generating electricity. With a significant dearth of information available for tidal turbine technology, this series of projects will shed light on the overall potential of the product. “There really isn’t that much information, anywhere, about the environmental effects of tidal turbines,”

Ecomagination Photo Project

I recently got tipped off to a great website and project, the GE ecomagination photo project. The simple deal with this project is, as a friend wrote to me, “for every photo uploaded to flickr, a donation will be made to communities in need of clean water, solar light, and wind turbine powered electricity.” Sounds

Go Micro-Wind (Going Green Tip #11)

So, we’ve covered solar energy and microhydro energy in this Going Green Tips series. Here’s one more small-scale energy option: micro-wind. Like microhydro, micro-wind isn’t an option many people think of or look into when they are thinking of ways to green their energy supply. But it is a real option and perhaps even the

Go Microhydro (Going Green Tip #10)

As discussed in previous articles, a great way to go green is to cut the coal and a great way to do that is to go solar. There are other clean energy options available for homes and businesses as well, though. One such option is microhydro. In other words, “small” hydroelectric power facilities. While microhydro

Electric Car Batteries are Greener than Expected

The lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries that will be powering the electric cars of tomorrow are much greener than originally expected, according to new research conducted. Much has been made of whether electric cars will actually be the saviour of our future, or whether they are just redistributing the environmental damage to other aspects, like the

NAACP Opposes Planned N.C. Chicken-Waste Power Plants

The NAACP has joined with environmental groups to oppose the construction of three power plants because of concerns that burning the feces will expose poor people to arsenic and other contaminants. “Everyone wants jobs, but you have to be against a job that on the back end may bring disease,” said William Barber II, president

Greenpeace Gives BP First Annual Greenwashing Award [Video]

BP, which has attempted to rebrand itself as “Beyond Petroleum” in recent years, was awarded Greenpeace’s first annual Emerald Paintbrush award for their attempts at greenwashed advertising campaigns in 2008. [social_buttons] To no one’s surprise, when two activists showed up to BP’s UK headquarters with green paintbrush in hand, they were quickly escorted out of

UK Activists Pay Drivers to Petition for Emissions Standards

British environmental group Futureproof has been giving out £5 bills to drivers who agree to sign a petition to the British Secretary of Transport, Geoff Hoon, to encourage him to seek tougher emission standards for cars sold in the European Union.[social_buttons] “Today we’re giving drivers £5 each and in return asking them to make sure

Philadelphia Eagles Pay for Wind Energy to Power Team

After the Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team announced last week that they were installing solar panels as part of a new green initiative, now things only seem to be getting better for the environment when it comes to the efforts of professional sports teams. The Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team announced on Sunday that they

Will Your Roof Soon Be Part of a Solar Power Plant?

On Thursday, Charlotte based utility company Duke Energy unveiled plans for a pilot program that will test whether or not 850 North Carolina homes can collectively produce the energy of a small solar power plant. While the panels will only be placed on 850 roofs, it is estimated that they will actually produce 16 megawatts

Alternative Energy, the Solution to Terrorism – Peres

It may sound simplistic, but Israeli President Shimon Peres makes a good point;  “The problem itself (terror and Iran), is like a swamp with mosquitos.  It’s preferable to dry out the swamp than try to kill every single mosquito.” While meeting with representatives of the students’ village in the town of Dimona, Peres said; “When

Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Climate Change?

A growing chorus of voices is touting nuclear power as the energy solution that can help curb global warming. I’ve never been one to sing that tune, but I’m no longer as certain as I once was. My doubts arose after reading James Lovelock’s “The Revenge of Gaia: Earth’s Climate Crisis & the Fate of

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