Real-Life Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Opens Tonight! (Video)

“Deep. Dangerous. Determined.” And now we all have a chance to go along. Today DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D opens—-the film in which James Cameron dives to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest known part of Earth’s oceans. “I’ve seen some pretty astonishing things in the depths,” says James Cameron of his dives to the

Untangling the Human Genome – in 3D! [VIDEO]

The human genome  is comprised of some 3 billion nucleotide bases  (of which there are four, represented by the four letters A, T, C, G) which pair up and comprise our DNA, which in turn is spread out amongst 23 chromosomes located in every cell in our bodies (note: our sex cells have only half

3D Mass Extinction Movie, by Director of "The Cove"

I think everyone’s pretty familiar with The Cove by now (& if you’re not, you should be, so check out the link).  Now, the director of this Oscar-winning documentary, Louie Psihoyos, has a new, bigger movie in mind. His new film, The Singing Planet: The whole world is singing, we just haven’t been listening, will

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