Flooding in Pakistan

Heavy monsoon rains over the course of August 2011 have caused widespread flood damage in Pakistan. The southern province of Sindh was hit especially hard. The horrendous flooding has effected close to 5 million people, destroyed millions of homes, killed at least 361 people and displaced 600,000 who are currently living in refugee camps because of the continually rising waters.

NOAA: 2010 Tied for Hottest Year on Record

How many times have you heard that climatologists can’t predict climate because weathermen can’t predict the weather. Plenty if you follow the issue like I do. But just as some prominent climatologists predicted, 2010 was the hottest year on record. That’s what NOAA’s data, the first to come out for the 2010 calendar year, show…

Devastating Australian Floods Result of La Nina

North-Eastern Australia is currently suffering floods which are displacing thousands of people from their homes throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. The likely culprit for these life-altering floods is the La Niña weather phenomenon, which has brought heavy rain and eased drought conditions throughout the east of Australia. In their Annual Australian Climate Statement

World Warming Quicker than Previously Thought

Over the past decade, the world has actually warmed more than previously thought, according to a new report out by the Met Office. And as I hinted in a recent post — Top 10 Climate Science News of 2010 — there are a lot of scientific findings from the past year that show even stronger evidence

2010 Hottest Year on Record (So Far)

NASA has reported that January-October 2010 was the hottest January-October on record. It now seems pretty certain 2010 will outpace 1998, which currently ties for fourth hottest year in the NASA dataset (though it is technically described by NASA folks as tied for the second hottest year with 2005 and 2007). Outpacing 2005, the hottest year

Vote! & Top 10 Green Voter Guides

Get out and vote today if you haven’t done so yet! And while you may be a little disappointed with the politicians in office, and with slow progress getting out of a horrible economic recession, 8 years of Republican-dominated government is what put us there in the first place — it takes awhile to clean

Global Weirding News of the Week

It’s been a little more than a week since my last Global Weirding News of the Week update, but better late than never… This one is an especially long update, since a lot has been going on. Hope you find the news stories below interesting and useful. North Carolina Got Its 2nd 500-Year Rainfall in

Snow Will Fall Despite Climate Change

America’s winter just passed might be melting in the current heat, but the snow that fell was not affected by climate change or a warming planet. New research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters found that the heavier than normal snows that fell along the east coast of America, making it the snowiest winter

Earth Hour Getting Large Corporate Support

[social_buttons] We know that it is actually a positive thing these days to care about the environment. It is not a fringe, weirdo concern. For this reason, we now even have the problem of corporate greenwashing — companies (or politicians, people, etc.) trying to convince people they are green when they are not. As we

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