Peacocks (10 Friday Photos)

Peacocks, in my humble opinion, are one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. I was lucky enough to have a peacock family in my neighborhood for awhile while I was growing up (although, some considered them a menace due to the loud noises they would make — never bothered me). Still, they weren’t always so easy to get a glimpse of with their tail feathers raised and pictures such as these below still amaze me.

Enjoy this week’s 10 Friday Photos.

(As is becoming all too common, I couldn’t keep it to 10.)

Beautiful white peacock showing off its plumage on a green background.

Photo Credit: Marionzetta via flickr (CC license)

Peacocks auditioning for The Matrix..

Photo Credit: cwalker71 via flickr (CC license)

Beautiful Peacock. Beauty contest winner?

Photo Credit: SmilingSunflower via flickr (CC license)

Peacock family, including baby peacocks (peachicks?) -- that is really what the others look like.

Photo Credit: Hopefoote, Ambassador of the Wow via flickr (CC license)

White peacock with beautiful white 'dress' walking over blue flowers.

Photo Credit: Silvain de Munck via flickr (CC license)

Children enjoying peacock show, making friends.

Photo Credit: shapour bahrami via flickr (CC license)

This peacock's got something to say.

Photo Credit: snoessie via flickr (CC license)

Narcissistic peacock?

Photo Credit: ecstaticist via flickr (CC license)


Photo Credit: jade.alexandria via flickr (CC license)

Proud peacocks.

Photo Credit: Bachir via flickr (CC license)

Peacock trying to woo peahen. Doesn't seem very impressed.. but you know how women are.

Photo Credit: ToastyKen via flickr (CC license)

Peacocks kissing?

Photo Credit: vawa_92 via flickr (CC license)

Back of peacock.

Photo Credit: shapour bahrami via flickr (CC license)

Peacocks fighting.

Photo Credit: Whirling Pheonix via flickr (CC license)

Peacock dancing in the wild.

Photo Credit: Tarique Sani via flickr (CC license)

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3 thoughts on “Peacocks (10 Friday Photos)”

  1. Did you happen to grow up in Berkeley Ca? There was a family of peacocks in this one neighborhood where my friend lived back in the ’90’s when I was going to college at Cal

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