New York Solar School Program Unstealths

I know, “unstealths” is used more for startups than for educational programs, but I thought unstealths sounded more interesting for this New York solar school program than the standard alternatives.

The program, K-Solar, is part of the $1 billion NY-Sun Initiative. 40 school districts have registered for the program. They are home to ~200 schools. The program provides technical expertise and financing to help schools save money by going solar.


Solar Schools from Jay Orfield on Vimeo.

K-Solar, a joint project of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), will provide NYS school districts, AT NO COST and NO OBLIGATION, with the tools, and expertise to bring solar energy to their facilities and reduce their energy costs,” the K-Solar site states.

NYPA’s free energy advisor service will:

Provide you with a site report to determine if your facilities are suitable for solar energy.

Estimate your potential savings on future energy bills.

Ensure your solar project has access to NYSERDA incentives to lower your overall cost.

Explain how public schools can be eligible to receive federal tax credits that will lower the cost of your solar installation.

Show you how to have solar panels installed on your roof without incurring an upfront cost.

Work with SED to streamline the permitting process to install solar at your school.

Create a purchasing coalition of school districts throughout New York, providing your district with the benefit of high volume pricing, with the objective of making your solar rate the same or less than your utility rate.

 New York is now one of the more solar-supportive states in the nation, but I get the impression that a lot more is in the works in the Empire State.

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