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I just posted on the Millions Against Monsanto campaign on one of our sister sites, Eat Drink Better, yesterday. Thought our readers here on Planetsave might be interested in it as well. Here’s the intro:

monsanto activism

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has a kick-a** campaign going on, Millions Against Monsanto. It is trying to get as many people as possible to campaign in the streets on October 16, 2011 for mandatory labeling of GM food and is looking to get 1 million to sign a petition pushing for this.

If you aren’t heavily involved yet, here are 3 main ways you can get involved:

  1. You can visit the Millions Against Monsanto Facebook page and indicate your planned attendance.
  2. You can help plan an event in your state.
  3. You can contact Organic Consumers Association staff to get help starting an event in your community.

Read the rest on Eat Drink Better: Millions Against Monsanto (Take Action)

2 thoughts on “Join the Millions Against Monsanto Movement”

    1. Hey Rumsfeld, how do you and all the other minions there at Monsanto feel now that you all have to explain to the whole world why you are trying to destroy the earth, the food supply, put humankind and animals in serious health compromises, why you do such harm to local farmers who never did you any harm. You Are Nothing But Big Bullies On The Playground, But Now The Rest Of The Playground Is Mad And Woe Is You.

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