FOX News' Take on Non-NASA Alien & Global Warming Paper

Well, you knew FOX News was going to bring the crazy as soon as you saw the news about “NASA’s” new paper on possible results of a planetary encounter with aliens (actually, it’s not from NASA.. though, many are inaccurately saying it is).

Of course, FOX reporters said it was a NASA study (again, it wasn’t). Furthermore, they totally framed the story in a way that made it sound crazy, rather than making it clear that it was a thought experiment analyzing “a broad range of contact scenarios in terms of whether contact with ETI would benefit or harm humanity.”

And, the worst bit, they create a ridiculous poll of false choices that put their anti-science-funding, anti-climate-change-realism agenda on a pedastool. Below are two videos and an image of their ridiculous, hilarious poll results:

fox news alien global warming poll

I love the Gretchen Carlson’s comment on how confusing the paper was on Fox and Friendssaid the same thing about SpongeBob SquarPants a couple weeks ago. Me thinks she finds a lot of things confusing…

2 thoughts on “FOX News' Take on Non-NASA Alien & Global Warming Paper”

  1. Wow…thanks for covering this bit of “news”…I am always amazed (and yet shouldn’t be by now) at how FOX utterly distorts information.

    They don’t even mention the other scenarios, such as the beneficial one (that ETIs might help us stop Global warming)…

    Yikes, how do these people sleep at night (I guess on a mountain of payola)?

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