Eco-Friendly Options for the Deceased

eco-friendly urns

Yeah, the deceased don’t do a lot of driving or use a lot of electricity, so they are pretty green as it goes. But a number of folks are choosing options that make them even greener. More and more are choosing to put ashes of the deceased in fully biodegradable, eco-friendly cremation urns and coffins.

Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns, LLC, in Denver, Colorado is one company providing such urns. It has recently launched a full line of such urns (including ones for pets).

β€œAs concerns about the environment and over population rise in this country and across the world, people are beginning to look at preserving the earth in every possible aspect of their lifestyle, including death,” said Melody Jamali, president of Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns. β€œAnd, when you look at the financial and environmental cost of traditional burials, having a green funeral option makes good, sound sense.”

Tons of people die every year. If burial and cremation products aren’t eco-friendly, that adds up to a lot of mess under our soil and in our world.

“Currently, the funeral industry buries 30 million board feet of wood a year, 90,000 tons of steel, 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete and more than 800,000 gallons of toxic embalming fluid into the ground,” a representative of Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns wrote.

While biodegradable urns like those from Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns can dissolve quickly once under the ground or in a burial at sea, “in a normal, temperature-controlled environment” like one’s house, they can last for some time (no worries of them falling apart on your shelf.

Interesting topic and these urns look like a good product for the closing out of one’s life.

Image via Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns

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