Curbing Emissions like Losing Weight

209px-Arnold_SchwarzeneggerIt’s the fortune cookie wisdom of the world’s political leaders that always makes me laugh the most. But, not surprisingly, just as a hundred monkeys mashing away at keyboards, every now and again, you’ll get something worthwhile.

That’s why California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most recent analogy is more than just publicity drivel.

Speaking at a Wall Street Journal conference near Santa Barbara, the governor related curbing emissions to losing weight.

“There are some states and there are some countries that shoot for certain goals in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but they will never get there, I think. Unless you put a serious cap on it you won’t get there,” he said.

“But if a fighter has to meet a certain weight category,” he will, Schwarzenegger continued. “Because that’s the rule… you cannot fight if you are not that particular body weight.”

It’s an apt analogy, and one that has special meaning for the former Mr. Universe. Losing weight is more than just the desire to look thin. We know it is good for us not to be fat, but some people just don’t care. They don’t put the effort in; they keep eating junk, sitting at home and not exercising.

But then there are those who actually do want to lose weight, and they change the way they live their lives.

Needless to say, if California’s Governor continues to put his actions where his mouth is, maybe the rest of America will follow.

1 thought on “Curbing Emissions like Losing Weight”

  1. Nona Alliene Burnett

    I appreciated this article.
    But, where is the ‘rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey used to say on his radio show?

    I would have appreciated an URL or link to inform me how Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    “continues to put his actions where his mouth is”.
    Jesse Ventura surprised everyone when he won the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998 and Schwarzenegger will likely continue to surprise us.
    I think our government needs more unconventional politicians like these two men to shake off the complicity of America’s conventional political two-party status quo.

    Our nation desperately needs a strong third party to ‘think outside the box’ and to oust the stagnant mentality and practices of of the ‘good old boy’ two-party politics.
    No doubt this desire is why Obama appeals to so many during this election.
    But, does he truly possess the ‘outside the box’ mentality— as well as the capacity to implement the correct changes— which America needs?

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