1 Mile on Bike = $0.41 Societal Economic Gain, 1 Mile in Car = $0.20 Societal Economic Loss

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How’s them apples? Seriously, though, it’s been known for a long time that biking benefits society in many ways, including economically, and that driving has the opposite effect. Nonetheless, some stats like this go a long way in getting the message across.

From League of American Bicyclists President Andy Clarke, who recently took a look at the City of Copenhagen’s annual Bicycle Account:

One of the most astounding numbers buried deep in the report is the socio-economic benefit of cycling. The report says “When all these factors are added together the net social gain is DKK 1.22 per cycled kilometer. For purposes of comparison there is a net social loss of DKK 0.69 per kilometer driven by car.” 1.22 Danish crowns is about 25 cents and a kilometer is 6/10 of a mile, so we are talking about a net economic gain to society of 41 cents for every bicycle mile traveled. That’s a good number to have in your back pocket.

Later on in the report, via Christopher Mims of Grist:

Since the total health benefit of Copenhagen residents’ healthy cycling habits is DKK 5.51 per km, the annual benefit is worth the equivalent of approx. DKK 2.0 billion.

Yep, get on a bloody bike!

Image Credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize

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