Whale Wars' Paul Watson Video Interview — "Arrest Me or Shut Up" (& Calls Greenpeace Activists Cowards)

From his earlier days at Greenpeace to his current efforts with the show “Whale Wars” in Libyan waters, Paul Watson has focused on direct action that not only attracts eyes but gets results. In this short interview with NYTimes’ Andy Revkin, Watson speaks about his strategy compared to current-day Greenpeace’s — intervening in illegal whaling, not protesting it (and doesn’t refrain from calling Greenpeace activists cowards!).

'Whale Wars' Stars — Sea Shepherd Crew — Headed into Libyan Waters

We’ve written about the adventures of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society probably over a dozen times here on Planetsave. It is a leading environmental and animal activism organization that has achieved some great successes. And there’s one thing quite obvious to most who follow them — they are willing to go where most won’t and take risks most wouldn’t dream of.

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Whale Wars: Exclusive Interview with Pilot Chris Aultman

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Animal Planet, Daryl Hannah Join Sea Shepherd Crew For More Whale Wars

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New 'Whale Wars' TV Series Documents Anti-Whaling Activists

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Heroic Family Rescues Humpback Whale from Fishing Net {Video}

Here is a touching story of a family that decided to help one of the largest creatures on earth that was entangled in a fishing net. Sadly, whales get caught up in things like this often, but without the happy ending.

Whalers Fend Off Sea Shepherd with Hi-Tech Acoustic Weapons

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