First Net-Zero School Building Helps Teach Students Value of Sustainability

In the quiet town of Putney Vermont, the Putney school teaches the value of sustainability. The new field house is the first net-zero, LEED Platinum certified school building in the country.

Report: California Now Accounts For 40% Of Zero Emissions Vehicle Sales In US

Originally published on EVObsession. California now (well, as of January 2015) accounts for 40% of all zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) sales in the US, according to a new analysis from … [Read full article]

Billionaire To Support Electric Carsharing Network In London

Billionaire Vincent Bollore will back an electric carsharing network in London. The system will have thousands of electric vehicle charging stations and should be operating in late 2014 or early … [Read full article]

Refitted Tunnel Shelter Farms Zero Carbon Veggies

Premium hydroponic-grown, pesticide-free vegetables and herbs growing in the U.S. Gotham Greens facility (from eponline.com). Two entrepreneurs have recently made London the home of a very creative architectural reuse for … [Read full article]

Sun's Magnetic Field About To Flip (Video)

The Sun’s magnetic field is about to flip. According to recent measurements gathered by NASA-supported observatories, the vast solar magnetic field is on the verge of making its regularly occurring … [Read full article]

Bacteria That Thrives At -15ºC Discovered In The Canadian High Arctic — What's That Say About Possible Life On Other Planets?

A species of bacteria capable of thriving at temperatures as low as -15ºC has just been discovered in the permafrost on Ellesmere Island in the Canadian high Arctic, by researchers … [Read full article]

Akira Kurosawa Dreams, Joni Mitchells Dreams, & Jerry Brown Gives Us Zero Emissions Vehicles

The American Indians listen to the messages of their dreams, their great-grandchildren and their great-grandmother speaks to them. Akira Kurosawa made a film called Dreams that I have watched more … [Read full article]