Koch Brothers Exposed (World Premiere & Screening Opportunities)

  Last week was the World Premiere of Brave New Films’ Koch Brothers Exposed documentary in New York City. Apparently, the screening was held just a few miles from one of the Kochs’ many … [Read full article]

"Occupy Koch Town" Event in Wichita This Weekend

  Occupy activists fed up with the Koch Brother’s insane control over government are gathering this weekend in Wichita, Kansas for a series of events concerning energy, environmental, and climate policies. … [Read full article]

Billionaire Koch Brothers, Who Own Republican Party, Run Lying Ad on Solyndra & Obama

We’ve spent hours upon hours researching the Solyndra story and debunking every single one of the lies mentioned in this video (it’s packed full of a LOT) — click the … [Read full article]

Are You Funding Koch Climate Denial?.. No? You might want to look at your toilet paper

David and Charles Koch might not be household names, but as major funders of climate denial organizations, they’re directly disrupting clean energy innovation and the future of our climate with your dollars. Let us explain….

Koch Industries Makes Billions Corrupting Government

Koch Industries, owned by Charles and David Koch, is not only the second-largest private company in America, it is the most politically active. As ThinkProgress has carefully documented over the … [Read full article]

Greenpeace Crashes Koch Brothers' Semi-Secret Party

The Koch brothers were not very well known a few years ago, despite being two of the richest people in America (tied for 5th now). They liked it like that. … [Read full article]

David Koch, Tea Party Billionaire, Denies Climate Change, Shrugs Off His Carbon Footprint [VIDEO]

In the second part of a 3-part series on David Koch based on an interview with him, Lee Fang of ThinkProgress discusses Koch’s opinions on climate change and his “shrug” … [Read full article]

Koch Brothers – Tilting at Clean Energy (cartoon and article = "cartoonicle")

The idiom “tilting at windmills” (or turbines) derives from the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. It means to attack imaginary enemies, or fight unwinnable or futile battles. Big Oil and Coal (and others) are in a futile battle against clean energy. Clean energy will inevitably emerge victorious. Unfortunately, when oil billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries (apologies for putting their names on the horse and ass’s asses) fight unwinnable battles you can be certain the pointless battles will last a lot longer than they should. Putting approximately 100 million dollars of their money into right-wing coffers to keep fellow polluters happy and federal regulations lax, Koch Industries is more than eager to fight a battle that compromises our future and greatly compromises the future of our children. The same children to which they are now eagerly marketing.