Global Reef Project Documents The World’s Threatened Coral Reefs [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

I’d like to be / under the sea / in an octopus’s garden/ in the shade Well, we may never get to live out Ringo’s maritime fantasy, but we can … [Read full article]

Corals Grow To Be Much, Much Older Than Previously Assumed, Research Finds — Implications Relating To Ocean Acidification & Coral Bleaching Events

Specific coral genotypes (“individuals”) can live for more than 5,000 years (at the least) according to new research from the National Marine Fisheries Service, Penn State, and Dial Cordy & … [Read full article]

Australian Marine Reserves Must Adapt to Climate Change

An Australian scientist told the Australian Academy of Science’s Earth System Outlook Conference in Canberra that Australia could be a world leader in developing marine reserves that are able to keep … [Read full article]

New Report Card Shows Climate Change Affecting Australia's Oceans

Launched today by the CSIRO is the 2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card which demonstrates that climate change is having significant impacts on the marine ecosystems that border Australia. … [Read full article]

30 Cute, Awe-Inspiring, Interesting, & Disturbing Animal Videos & Stories

We’ve several cute and awe-inspiring animal videos for you this week, as always, but we’ve also got a handful of interesting and disturbing videos about animal cruelty and endangered species that I think everyone should watch. Check these videos out and the stories underneath them all.

Australian Subtropic Seas Must be Protected

Leading Australian scientists and scientific organisations have come together to call for a greater national effort to protect the countries eastern and western coastlines. The reason? Many scientists believe and … [Read full article]