Heartland Institute's Complete Hypocrisy (Look at How It Responded to "Climategate")

  Climategate was a crime. Why? Because: someone hacked into computers and private emails; the hacked info was used to frame climate scientists by pulling and publishing quotes out of … [Read full article]

Climategate 2.0 Breathes New Life into Morons

Climategate 2.0 has once again kicked the dirt up on an issue that deserves the attention and focus of the entire planet. I’m sick and tired of hearing these deniers get their 2 minutes of fame without anyone checking in on their own “cultivated message”, so here I go; I’m wading in.

Yes, Climategate was Science Denier B.S.

For what I think is the 7th time, independent review has found that Dr. Michael Mann’s work is completely scientifically sound and that climate gate was only a crime in that someone broke in and stole over a decade’s worth of emails (and then someone else used them to try to frame climate scientists.. and quite successfully did so.)

The Real Climategate Crime

The big crime when it came to climate gate in my mind was always the actual and only crime — hackers breaking into private emails of leading climate scientists and … [Read full article]

Defy Climate Denialism With "Mythopedia"

Thanks to electronic communication—a force we usually consider an ally—humans have come to live under a 24/7 barrage of misinformation. For those of us on the progressive side of things, … [Read full article]

Forbes & Conservation Hawks Lay Top Commentary on "Heartland-Gate" & Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat

  Joe Romm has a wonderful series going on the massive (seriously massive) fallout from the Heartland Institute’s recent (and ongoing) stint equating people who understand climate change is happening … [Read full article]

Heartland Institute's Complete Hypocrisy (Continued)

  I’ve written on the Heartland Institute’s complete hypocrisy two or three times (see the related posts at the bottom of this one to check those out). DeSmog Blog recently … [Read full article]