How To Hack A US Presidential Election

I get a lot of press releases emailed my way. One flew in this week regarding how easy/difficult it is to hack a presidential election. I didn’t spend time on it since it didn’t seem like a story for us and this election seems like one where election-day cheating is least likely to matter, but it did trigger the idea for this article, because the US presidential election has already been hacked, in my humble opinion.

Ironically, the election has been hacked in favor of Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump himself.

Many CleanTechnica and Planetsave readers have long been obsessed with watching the latest cleantech news. It’s a daily habit — check the latest progress and analysis on clean technologies like electric cars, wind energy, solar energy, and battery storage. However, another daily habit has kicked in and often even taken time away from the cleantech obsession — checking into political websites and news programs to witness the latest craziness to come out of Donald Trump’s mouth and Twitter fingers.

On the one hand, it’s certainly a bit scary, but on the other hand, it is hilarious. It is so crazy — yet real — that it is often funnier than any satirical comedy. One brilliant suggestion was recently put forward by John Oliver that would make Trump seem more like a genius sage than … well, whatever he seems like so far (I’ll let you give that a name). It would be an excellent lesson for society, a sobering one that could possibly effect real change. Have a watch (warning: language some people are offended by is used in this segment):

But that’s not going to happen.

The fact is, to some degree, Trump has been serious about this campaign effort and many of the ridiculous things he has said. People can see that well enough, and the results are looking pretty clear — The Donald has hacked his own election chances.

Here’s how the election is likely to turn out based on a wide variety of polls taken across the USA:

presidential electrion forecastScreenshot from FiveThirtyEight

These results are based on many things, and I’m sure that includes the fact that Trump has never held a publicly elected position in government and is seen as one of the most unqualified people in history to win a major US political party’s nomination for president. However, in the interest in helping others who want to hack their own election chances in the future, I’ll run down a list of beauties that seem unreal but were 1) actual statements or claims made by The Donald or 2) things he has done, starting out with ones about energy and the environment since that’s our focus. This is not even close to an exhaustive list, of course, but here’s what I’ve rounded up:

Across sectors, including defense, even career Republicans have endorse Hillary Clinton because of all the craziness and risk associated with Trump. As just the latest, James Clad, former deputy assistant secretary of defense under President George W. Bush, said, “Our adversaries must never hear flippancy or ignorance in America’s voice. They should never take satisfaction from an incompetent president. Giving an incoherent amateur the keys to the White House this November will doom us to second or third class status.”

Basically, that’s the point for topic after topic. Donald won the GOP nomination (which certainly tells you something), but he has spent most of his campaign hacking his own chances at being elected.

Here are some comments from comedian Lewis Black to more eloquently portray the craziness of it all: “How am I supposed to make this funnier? What is my job now? How do you satirize what is already satiric? … This was the point in time [the moment he was watching Sarah Palin give a speech endorsing Trump, with Trump standing behind her], as far as I’m concerned, where we the American people reached the point where reality and satire finally intersected. That’s it. … This is fiction. We are living in fictional times. … This would be better in a book, if you woke up … and read this in a book, you would say, ha, that’s a great book.”

To close, here’s one more beauty from John Oliver from earlier in the year that delved into Trump and some of his statements:

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