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APP is Clearing Tropical Forests Designated as Tiger Sanctuaries, Despite What It Says


A recent report exposed that Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) was greenwashing its clear cutting of tropical forests that act as tiger sanctuaries. It denied that was the case, but more evidence has popped up.

“A document released today by WWF and partners confirms that a supplier to paper giant Asia Pulp and Paper is clear felling natural tropical forests the company designated as tiger sanctuary,” WWF notes.

“The document throws into doubt APP claims on Tuesday that current clear cutting activities of supplier PT Ruas Utama Jaya (RUJ) were taking place narrowly outside rather than inside the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary.”

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  1. Jacek_siwek

    The map presented by WWF/EOF is, quite simply, out of date. The plans for Senepis were revised after this map was produced. The final map, approved by the government, has been published by APP. It shows clearly that the co-ordinates provided by WWF/EOF are outside of the Senepis Tiger Sanctuary, and point to a legal pulpwood plantation operated by our supplier.

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