Cambridge Scientists Raise Concern About New Times Atlas

Only days after the 13th and newest edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World was released to much acclaim and news reporting, scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University have raised concerns about the claims made by the atlas that there has been a 15% decrease in the permanent ice cover of Greenland in the past 12 years.

“Scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute were extremely puzzled by this statement,” notes the press release from Cambridge University, adding that “the scientists believe that the figure of a 15% decrease in permanent ice cover since the publication of the previous atlas 12 years is both incorrect and misleading.”

We’ll report more on this in the next few days as we wait for a fuller picture of the issue to come to light. At the moment, we’ve got a ‘he said she said’ argument with two opinions. We’ll keep you updated though when The Times have something to say in return.

Source: Cambridge University

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