We Are All Connected – Inspiring Video Remix of Sagan, Degrassi Tyson, Feynman, Nye

We Are All Connected looks to the cosmos. From the Symphony of Science Project

This video is my first exposure to a project called Symphony of Science. I admit that this remix blew me away when I first heard it. I’ve never been a big fan of auto-tune, but this is the best use of an otherwise overusedย techniqueย I’ve ever heard. “We Are All Connected” combines the power of words from visionary minds with stunning images and music, lending a sense, at least for me, of the unimaginably beautiful universe in which we live, and of which we are a part – star stuff.

Image credit: Documentary-Log.com

  1. Michael R.

    Welcome to the symphony! I discovered symphony of science this past winter, check out my PS post “Coolest and Nerdiest Music Video Ever’…this is another really great one.

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