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Weekly Roundup: Pigeon Racing; The Real Cost of Gas; Biking Saves You Money & Creates Jobs; Crazy Politics…

Top news articles from the past week or so related to the environment, animals, and YOU!

To make scrolling through this more manageable, I’ve broken it up into a few pages according to topic:

Page 1: Activism (below)
Page 2: Green Living
Page 3: Animals
Page 4: Environmental & Climate Science
Page 5: Political Craziness (& Some Sanity)


World’s biggest cement producer fights climate change by cutting emissions and developing energy efficient buildings

WWF and Lafarge, the world’s largest cement maker, today agreed to continue working together to further reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and to help build hundreds of energy-efficient buildings – targets that will help fight the effects of climate change….
When students talk, United States Secretaries listen: a big leap forward for ACE
When ACE first started, we began with the belief that high school students could genuinely influence the climate debate. We didn’t just say it to make ourselves feel better about the unfortunate reality of climate change – we knew deep down that this underrepresented population had potential to make a significant impact if given the knowledge, tools and inspiration to take charge of their collective future and the fate of the earth….

Stories From the March on Blair Mountain – Part 1 The March

I arrived a few days early to headquarters in Marmet, WV with an overly large pack that threatened to topple me over with one slightly unbalanced step. A sleeping bag, multiple changes of clothes, a bottle of Listerine, and ample bug spray would have to last me through the long and arduous journey of marching 50 miles along highways careening through the West Virginian Appalachians….

Stories From The March On Blair Mountain – Part 2 The Rally

Continued from Part 1, The March.

By the end of the week, over 300 people had joined the march, some having walked the full 50 miles. The campsite the rally was held at was overlooked by Blair Mountain itself, a large looming reminder of what we were fighting for. As Saturday rolled in, a thousand supporters in total had joined the marchers to walk up the last two miles to the summit, to reclaim the historical landmark….

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Talks “The Last Mountain” With Director Bill Haney

The companies involved in mountaintop removal mining (MTR) are beginning to get much-needed exposure in the national media. For years, this issue has been relegated to a few mentions here and there, with national media outlets virtually ignoring the devastation taking place in rural America. The media’s silence, and the public’s resulting lack of knowledge on the issue, has allowed a large number of the mountains in communities along the Appalachian range to be blown up and mined for every piece of coal the industry can find. As communities continue to fight MTR coal giants like Massey Energy and others, they are continuously faced with the devastation that these energy companies have left in their backyards….

Global Head of Greenpeace Deported from Greenland

The International Executive Director of Greenpeace, Kumi Naidoo, has been deported from Greenland after four days in jail. He is being flown to Copenhagen, where he will be held in prison for the night before being taken to Amsterdam, where he will be released….

Greenpeace activists face Copenhagen court for 2009 peaceful climate protest

A year and a half after two Greenpeace activists unfurled a banner urging for climate action at a state banquet attended by over 120 heads of state at the Copenhagen climate talks, 11 Greenpeace activists [1] from eight countries are appearing today in a Danish court where they face serious charges for their peaceful protest….

Join Leonardo Di Caprio, Yao Ming, Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, and Dozens of Celebs to Save Sharks from Hot Water

This morning, 34 actors, directors, musicians and other celebrities joined NRDC, Wild Aid, and the Humane Society of the U.S. to stand up for Sharks.  Read this letter — from Leonardo Di Caprio, Yao Ming, Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, Anthony Keidis, Flea, Scarlett Johansson, Ian Somerhalder, and many more — supporting California’s Assembly Bill 376 which would protect sharks from being killed just for their fins….

Page 2: Green Living
Page 3: Animals
Page 4: Environmental & Climate Science
Page 5: Political Craziness (& Some Sanity)

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