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How Many Clothes Do You Throw Away Each Year?

how to recycle clothes
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Here’s a good reminder to reuse, recycle, upcycle, or donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away. This little infographic was created byΒ USAgain using EPA data.

Need help finding where you can recycle clothes? USAgain’s got info on that for you on its website as well. Check it out & don’t throw any clothes out this year.

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  1. Martha Federle

    I think there is something missing from all this information. You covered the e-books vs. trees quite well, but what are the environmental costs associated with the other side of the issue? That would be the computer, the kindle or like reader, the resources consumed in the manufacture of technology, it marketing, sales, maintenance, operation, and eventually its disposal for a newer and better piece of equipment.

    Another aspect not mentioned is the fact that most trees used in the production of paper are quick-growing trees planted ,for this specific purpose, so it’s not like a giant redwood or sequoia or even oak tree is being felled to produce a paper book.

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