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Latest News Weekend Roundup: 7 Environment and Wildlife Stories

white tiger cub

Here’s our weekly roundup of environment and wildlife news. Enjoy.

Bad News for Whales, Rare Snubfin Dophins, and the Atsinanana Rainforest

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) had a few big “bad news” stories regarding wildlife and the environment this week.

  1. Russian oil and gas company that is ignoring science and beginning seismic tests in a crucial whale feeding area.
  2. Very rare Snubfin dolphins (not known to exist before 2005) being injured by boat strikes and fishing gear off the coast of Western Australia — have to see the pic of one of these guys (on the linked page).
  3. And the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has now placed the Atsinanana Rainforest in Madagascar on its list of World Heritage in Danger sites. Why? because of an ongoing government-influenced illegal logging crisis and continuing lemur bush meat consumption in some of the national parks that are part of the forest.”

Good News for Tigers,… but Still a Long Way to Go

On the “good news” side, however, it also reported thatΒ 125 adult tigers were found in Chitwan National Park and its border areas in Nepal in a recent survey, whereas only 91 were found in this area in 2009. This announcement was made on the first ever Tiger Day.

Another good news stories for tigers comes from TreeHugger, which reports that Myanmar has created the world’s largest tiger sanctuary.

And one more cool tiger story: 4 white tiger cubs were born at a German wildlife park this week.

Ecuador Making Bank for Protecting the Amazon Rainforest

One more big environment and wildlife story for the week — Ecuador is reportedly going to receive $3.6 billion from the United Nations to “not drill [for oil] in its Yasuni National Park — one of the most biologically-diverse corners of theΒ Amazon rainforest.”

Photo Credit: KungFuStu via flickr

  1. Ashley

    I love to read all environmental related blog now specially I like "Russian oil and gas company that is ignoring science and beginning seismic tests in a crucial whale feeding area."

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