Greening up your address book- are your good friends green?


There’s a new study buzzing around the net that shows having overweight friends more than doubles your likelihood of being a fattie yourself. Seth Godin says

The most important thing you can do is choose who you’re hanging out with. The second high-leverage thing is to put dynamics in place that reinforce the ideas you’d like to see spread. Celebrate the heroes. Make it easy for those ideas to spread…

Are your friends green? Most of my good friends are either greenies, entrepreneurs, or both. If you don’t have any green friends, go get some! Green Drinks is a great place to start in the real world, green blogs are the place to go online. Email your favorite green blogger and tell them what you like about their writing (make sure you actually like something about their writing, we can sniff right through hollow praise). There’s nothing like some flattery to get a friendship started and us professional green bloggers aren’t making nearly enough money to be snobs yet.


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