Glen Beck isn’t an ass, he’s a jerkass

glen-beck-waste-of-time.jpgI found this clip of Glen Beck bashing Live Earth over at Gristmill. I can’t STAND Glen Beck. What is wrong with CNN, why are they keeping this guy on the air? It’s not like he’s even pulling in big (or even good) numbers- his ratings suck. Who is this guy giving backalley backrubs to to keep his show on the air? Grist writer Adam Browning writes:

I’m not the first to note this, but it is really remarkable that CNN, a formerly respected former news network, stoops to this egregious low.

Mike Brune of the Rainforest Action Network does an admirable job of keeping his dignity, not committing any felonies no matter how justified, and calling him on his bull.

If, in the unlikely event that I am ever asked to do a similar interview, my only request will be that I be within smirk-smacking distance.

Here’s the clip…


I’ll be lined up right behind Adam to give ol Glenny a smack with the green truth bat. I’ve got a picture of Al Gore carved into mine.

[Gristmill] [Rainforest Action Network]

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  • KT

    Glenn Beck is the American version of the Taliban. I personally enjoy watching him spew hate & ignorance. I find it sad & amusing.
    Anybody with more than a grade school education or anybody who isn’t a multi-millionaire thinks he is idiot. The democrats aren’t much better(but they keep hate speech to a minimum)
    The republicans got thier asses kicked last election cycle- I guess some people never learn….Keep up the good work Glenn-You are the ICON for village idiots-powerless village idiots….

  • doug

    we can see how fake your arguments are now after the truth came out about the fake documents and records. i have Flanted more trees and Fut uf more blue bird houses and wood duck nesting boxes than you guys have even thought about. this earth is a wonderful lace and i believe we should take care of it but not by you guys trying to take control and fower to yourself in the frocess.

  • margaret siler

    Glen Beck is not on CNN, He is on Fox news…..If you don’t like him don’t watch.

  • Liberal: it is not my fault. it is every one else fault. TAKE TAKE TAKE

  • DMcD

    We need to remove this “trash” from our public airwaves. This divisive hatemongering “Girly-man” of a person (Beck) , isn’t ‘fit’ to be in broadcasting (& fortunately, his ratings are starting to show it).

    He is an active part of the “dumbing down” of America and party to keeping us distracted while his corporate/government buddies, rob us blind.

    Suggestion; e-mail CNN and all their ‘sponsors’ showing how you feel about this worthless slimeball. We further, need to insist that Congress re-institute the “Fairness Doctrine” to keep creeps like Beck in check.

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