Published on July 19th, 2007 | by Noelle dEstries

When the polar ice caps melt and seas rise 200 feet, at least we’ll have good wine

Glass of wineDoug Frost is a Master Wine Guy who writes for the Kansas City Star. He just wrote an article on how Global Warming is affecting (for the better) some German wine regions.

Global Warming has its upside
At a minimum, the altered weather patterns of global warming play havoc with agriculture.

Among winemakers it is accepted that the relatively predictable pattern of annual average temperatures in the world’s primary wine-producing regions has changed.

The last 10 vintages in Germany, for example, are warmer than in any decade on record. But how long have such records been kept? Germany’s detailed vintage descriptions go back to the mid-1300s.

Yet to the delight of some global warming naysayers, previously cool vineyard regions are finding that climate change can offer good news. Where once only two or three German vintages each decade saw ripe grapes, now nearly every vintage has been riper.

Maybe Faux News is right, maybe Global Warming is a GOOD thing.

Or maybe Doug Frost has been spending too much time at work. Glug glug glug.

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  • Warning signs are appearing in Greenland where ice is melting twice as fast as it was five years ago. Ocean levels globally are edging up about 3.5 millimeters a year.

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