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Published on July 19th, 2007 | by Noelle dEstries

Gore’s still The Man: the Chilean sea bass was legit

Oh Al, you’ve won my heart back…

I posted yesterday about a little controversy over the menu at Al Gore’s daughter’s wedding. The scoop was that Gore & Co. dined on the very-endangered Chilean sea bass at the reception dinner. That’d be a big no no for a top notch Planetsaver like Al. Today comes the good news that the fish eaten was from “one of the world’s few well-managed, sustainable populations of toothfish, and caught and documented in compliance with Marine Stewardship Council regulations.”



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  • Why does eating fish make him a hypocrit. He seems to be doing more than most politians are doing lately. At least he tries to make his choices mean something unlike some politians are. He is trying to help the planet and for that we should leave the knit picking out of it.

  • He’s a hypocrit. You do present a valid point about marketing environmentalism though. However, I believe that, if the leaders follow too closely the opinions of their followers, they follow the followers, and everyone is thus led nowhere. It’s one of the problems of Democracy that Plato addressed in The Republic.
    Here’s my opinion of Gore:

    “Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.” ~Robert Byrne

  • greenmoon

    Remember though, Gore is after all a politician. I truly believe he cares for the environment but asking him to be a vegetarian as well, might be pushing it. I agree with the facts about the vegetarian diet and the positive effects it has on the environment but I think he setting an example and sells environmentalism very effectively. To the general public, his environmental pitch might not be quite as effective as it currently is if he was a vegetarian. I think he relates to more people this way.
    Please don’t get me wrong though, I agree that it would be nice if he was a vegetarian and I don’t think he is choosing not to be because he is thinking of what is best for his marketing efforts. I think the guy simply enjoys eating meat. Hell you can tell that by his girth. I just don’t think we need to criticize him for being a meat eater.

  • I don’t understand how an environmentalist such as Al Gore could not adopt a Vegan or at least Vegetarian diet. I mean it’s well documented by government agencies that the vegetarian diet is much better for the environment. 20 vegetarians could live off of the land needed for 1 meat eater.

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