Planetsave 101 Part 1: What’s with the New Design/Features?

Jan sold out.


Kidding! Jan started in 1999 and ran it all by himself until just a few months ago when we (Green Options) hired him to run our ad sales team and bought as part of the deal. Jan was tired of running the site by himself and was eager to breath some new life into it by getting involved in the team that Green Options is.

I was the blog architect for Green Options and was transitioning out of running the day to day Publishing side of things on the site and was really excited to jump on the redesign project. I worked with Jan, my designer Lisa, and developer Scott to come up with this WordPress-powered refreshed version of Planetsave. The site is going to have more of a blogger focus, though we will continue to feature green and world news.

Here are some of the most note worthy features we are building for this new redesign..

Our Impact: Jan founded the site upon the idea that he’d kick out a portion of his profits every week to preserve rain forest land. We’re going to expand on that and include wind credits from Renewable Choice Energy and micro-loans made to third world entrepreneurs through Every week we will increase our impacts in those three areas based on how good business was. The more users we get (and the more emails that are sent), the better our bottom line will be and the bigger positive impact we will have through the rain forest, wind credits, and micro-loans.

The Email System: Planetsave was founded as a green email system and currently has over 25,000 people logging in every day to get their electronic mail fix. Our basic email account is free and you can choose to expand your impact by upgrading to a $25 or $50 Premium email account. Upgraded accounts come with more storage and land, wind, and microloans.

Blogging Accounts: We’re just nuts for blogs here at Planetsave and we’ve installed a cool program called WordPress Multiuser because we think you should be nuts for them as well. For just a couple of bucks a month you can get your own blog here at You’ll pick the title; select the template, sidebar items, and categories; and then start writing. You can bring on guest authors and have all the power of WordPress at your content creating fingers. We’ll watch all our blogs and point our readers to the best content.

We’re all really excited about this new redesign and hope you are too. If you would like to ask any questions about anything, my email is open at

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