Earth2Tech Poaches a Red Herring

I found this slightly juicy green news item over at Valleywag the other day. GigaOm, the well regarded tech blog, just introduced a new green tech site Earth2Tech. Om Malik, the founder and big cheese at GigaOm hired Adena DeMonte away from struggling tech mag Red Herring to run the site. I guess Om has poached a few other Red Herring writers (he used to write for them back in their golden days) and RH Editor Joel Dreyfuss is not happy about it.

You haven’t really made it in Silicon Valley until Valleywag casts their snarkish glare at you, so congrats to Adena and the crew over at Earth2Tech. Welcome to the Green Blogosphere! If you haven’t checked out Earth2Tech yet make sure to give a click over. Every green tech geek should have it in the ol’ RSS subscribe list.


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