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3D Rhino Horns – Conservation or Exploitation?

If waves of cheap rhino horns 3D-printed with real rhino DNA are flooded onto the Asian markets, is this a form of rhino conservation or capitalistic exploitation? This critical question is gnawing at the root of a controversial business venture to use real rhino DNA in the commercial production of 3D-printed rhino horns. In a […]

July 6th

Black Rhino Still Near Extinction, Western Subspecies Still Extinct : Pictures Of A Disappearing Animal

The black rhino, also known as the hook-lipped rhinoceros, is a critically endangered species of rhinoceros, that was previously endemic throughout much of Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa, and also to certain regions in West Africa. The species has seen a dramatic drop in population numbers and genetic diversity in recent years. Many of the […]

April 27th