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What Is Climate Change? (VIDEO)

Remember the difference between weather and climate? We know what happens when the weather changes—it’s obvious. Climate is another story. Read on. When it rains, you put on a raincoat or take your umbrella when you go out. It snows: time for high boots, a heavier coat, scarf, and warm gloves. And sunny days, well, […]

September 16th

Alaska Volcano Eruption 2013 — Stratovolcano Activity May Disrupt Air Travel

The beautiful nearly-symmetrical Cleveland Volcano in Alaska has now awoken again after a short rest, last erupting in 2011. The remote stratovolcano began erupting on Saturday with a series of three large explosions and has since then been releasing a continuous plume of ash, gas, and steam, into the atmosphere. These releases, particularly the ash, […]

May 5th

Magma Forms Deeper than Previously Thought

New research results from a team led by geologist Rajdeep Dasgupta of Rice University have shown that magma forms much deeper than geologists had previously thought. The scientists put minute samples of peridotite – a rock derived from Earth’s mantle – under very high pressures in a laboratory and found that the rock can and does liquify […]

January 9th

Yellowstone Super-Volcano a Little Less Super But More Active

  The Yellowstone “super-volcano” was in the record books for creating the fourth largest eruption known to science. “Was”, because new research has shown that the super-eruption was actually two separate eruptions, which means that the Yellowstone super-volcano is a little less super and a little more frequent. “The Yellowstone volcano’s previous behavior is the […]

May 1st

New Island Appears in Red Sea During Volcanic Eruption

A volcanic eruption in the Red Sea has led to the possible formation of a new island where previously there had been nothing but unbroken water. The volcanic activity took place along the Zubair Group, “a collection of small islands off the west coast of Yemen,” according to NASA. Photos taken by NASA’s Terra and […]

December 29th