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You Don’t Need A Telescope To Follow A Satellite (VIDEO)

Would you like to chase satellites, print out custom sky charts whenever you wish, and locate real-time iridium flares without a telescope or binoculars? Heavens Above has just the features you’re looking for. It’s dedicated to helping people observe and track, with only the naked eye, satellites orbiting Earth. Chris Peat, a physicist and space-industry […]

August 25th

5 Problems with Being a Throwaway Culture

  Where does trash really go? A common misconception is that if we simply throw something away, then it will magically go to a place where we can forget about it forever. However, acting out of convenience and without consideration for the bigger environmental picture (and for our future), we have contributed to a throwaway […]

March 5th

Garbage Dump in Africa Brings Death to Elephants

A number of elephants have died after eating plastic from a garbage dump in Chobe National Park in Botswana.  The Chobe District Council says it has no choice but to continue dumping trash at the site. Elephants, hyenas, baboons and birds all gather at the dumping site in Chobe to feed. Just this year, three […]

November 3rd

How to Successfully Undermine Good Ideas

The effort to help change the world’s polluting ways is a long road that was never going to be solved overnight. However, with the help of, maybe we can effectively destroy any hope of it overnight. I call this story “How to Successfully Undermine Good Ideas” thanks to a recent article written over at […]

April 20th