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More Fire, More Rain: Two New Reports Predict Worsening Weather Due To Greenhouse Gas Effects

Two separate reports issued in early April by different US agencies predicted significant increases in major wildfires and in major rain storms (“precipitation events”) within the next few decades due to the atmospheric effects of expected greenhouse gas emissions. A study by the US Department of Agriculture said that wildfires in the US will be at […]

April 15th

Explaining The 2011 Arctic Ozone Hole

The loss of ozone over Antarctica in the southern hemisphere is relatively well documented and popularly known, especially within Australia where for residents of southern states (like the island state of Tasmania) venturing out into the sun during summer is downright dangerous. Simply put, conditions in the Arctic — on the other side of the […]

March 12th

Eastern European Tree Rings Reveal Climate Variability and Human History

Adding to the growing evidence that ‘things are not as they once were’, a new dendrochronological study has found that socio-cultural disruptions in Eastern Europe during the past millennium coincided with periods of decreased temperature, and recent temperature in the region is warmer than at any previous time over the past thousand years. Oh, dendrochronological is the […]

January 14th

Climate Change to Disrupt Fire Patterns Worldwide

  Climate change has long been expected to disrupt future fire patterns across the globe, and a new analysis of 16 climate models has only confirmed what many scientists had long feared. The study, led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and in collaboration with an international team of scientists, found that by […]

June 13th

Ignorance and Political Blinders Shift American Support for Climate Change Action

  A new Stanford-led survey has found that American support for governmental action to address global warming has dropped over the past two years, primarily amongst those who identify themselves as Republicans. A significant downward shift According to the report, political rhetoric and the fact that 2011 was tied for the coolest year on record […]

May 8th