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Stanford Designs Underwater Solar Cells That Convert Greenhouse Gases Into Fuel

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Imagine a process where underwater solar cells could one day play a key role in fighting climate change. Stanford engineers did just that. They have provided design principles to build energy efficient, corrosion-protected solar cells. The impacts of this research are far-reaching for the solar industry and the battle against climate […]

December 1st

Short Climate Change Program Sparks Viewers

We Americans could use “a population shift in knowledge and positive engagement in the issue of climate change,” as environmental scientist  and media guru Anthony Leiserowitz and colleagues have characterized it. While people and governments of other nations, believing their survival is at stake, have rushed to codify mitigation and adaptation measures—only 15% of the US […]

October 31st

Solar Cooling Panels Could Cut Air Conditioning Use Considerably

Editor’s Note: Thought solar panels were just useful for creating electricity or heat for hot water? Apparently not. Stanford researchers have found a way to create “solar cooling panels” or “radiative cooling panels” that shoot heat away from the building. According to the researchers, just covering 10% of a roof covered by these solar cooling […]

April 17th

New York's Potential Renewable Energy Future Mapped Out By New Study

New York state could be powered entirely by renewable energy within the near future, a new study from Stanford University has found. Wind, solar, and water power could provide all of the energy used by the electric grid, industry, all forms of transportation, and heating/cooling. The research found that such a switchover would provide substantial […]

March 14th

Ignorance and Political Blinders Shift American Support for Climate Change Action

  A new Stanford-led survey has found that American support for governmental action to address global warming has dropped over the past two years, primarily amongst those who identify themselves as Republicans. A significant downward shift According to the report, political rhetoric and the fact that 2011 was tied for the coolest year on record […]

May 8th

Top Clean Energy News: World's Largest Offshore Wind Farms Going Up; Solar PV Reduces Price of Electricity; 70% of New Power in Europe from Renewable Energy…

I want to start covering clean energy news much more here on Planetsave, but as they say, “so much to do, so little time.” Also, since we cover that extensively on sister site CleanTechnica, I just sort of assume you all can easily pop over there and subscribe to that page for news on this […]

February 15th

Google’s Climate Change Leader Going to Stanford, to Head New Stanford Energy School

As Director of Climate Change Initiatives for Google over the past three years, Dan Reicher has been an inexhaustible, high-profile symbol of Google’s interest in energy policy: participating in congressional hearings, and speaking at energy policy events. But starting today, he’ll no longer lead the search engine giant’s climate change initiatives, and has jumped ship […]

December 6th