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Scientists Create First 'Nano-Ear' to Listen in on Sounds of Cells

It’s a marvelous piece of nanotech innovation using gold nano-particles and an existing technology known as “optical tweezers” and it will enable scientists to eavesdrop on the private lives of bacterial cells, and even viruses, as they move about and replicate. The so-called “nano-ear” is actually an intricate system of lasers and gold nano-particles (note: […]

January 19th

Scientists Detect the 'Sound of Sun Spots' Before They Emerge (VIDEO)

Sunspots can generate powerful solar flares and sometimes coronal mass ejections — composed of high-energy particles that shoot out into space. This solar wind — sometimes referred to generally as “space weather” — can disrupt power grids, shut down satellite communications and pose hazards to astronauts. Up until now, there has been no reliable means of detecting or predicting when these spots will appear. Combining data from two NASA solar satellites with seismic data from Earth, scientists can now measure acoustic (sound) waves bouncing between the sun’s interior and surface to detect magnetic field anomalies and predict a sunspot’s appearance in as little as 24 hours.

August 24th