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"Mean Joe green's" Top 11 Environmental Cartoons of 2011

With environmental-cartoon topics ranging from Michelle Bachmann to Tim DeChristopher, Breastfeeding to Big Coal, it was an interesting year in environmental cartoons. Follow this link and spend a few minutes looking over what were my eleven most-viewed cartoons of 2011. Happy New Year! Joe Mohr (aka “Mean Joe green”) Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and […]

December 28th

The Last U.S. Poll on Climate Change

More on the U.S. public opinion on Climate Change: From Grist: The frog and the polar bear: The real reasons Americans aren’t buying climate change From PlanetSave: UN Climate Negotiators Wrestle for an ‘Ideal’ Plan that Will Completely Screw Us From Ecopolitology: Republican Presidential Candidates on Climate Change Another cartoon: Wrong and Wrongerer: How Both […]

December 13th

13 More Green Stories of the Week: China's Amazing Bike Sharing System & Bad Environment; Fracking, Fracking, & Fracking; Climate Change Deniers Unravelled…

Other than the 50+ stories we covered in the past week, here are 15 more green stories I thought were worth a share:

June 4th

Prominent Former Global Warming Skeptic & Conservative Tackles GOP's "rejection of proven science"

Anyone with a moral conscience who digs into climate science at all (not snake science from global warming denier websites, but real climate science), will find that humans are causing global warming, the effects of global warming are serious, and we should be doing something NOW to address the issue.

I’ve been covering stories on a number of “climate science skeptics” and conservatives who, after delving into the science for real, found that the evidence for the above was overwhelming and “changed sides” (starting working to address climate change not hide from it).

Here’s a bit from a piece by another former global warming skeptic, former Republican Party officer and author Michael Stafford….

June 2nd

Glen Beck isn’t an ass, he’s a jerkass

I found this clip of Glen Beck bashing Live Earth over at Gristmill. I can’t STAND Glen Beck. What is wrong with CNN, why are they keeping this guy on the air? It’s not like he’s even pulling in big (or even good) numbers- his ratings suck. Who is this guy giving backalley backrubs to […]

July 21st