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Off-Shore Wind Farms Can 'Tame' Hurricane Winds, Surges, Stanford Study Finds [VIDEO]

  Climate scientists have been predicting more intense seasonal temperature variations and storms for several years now and recent winter ice storms in the deep south of the US, as well as ‘super storm’ Sandy, seem to lend much credence to this forecasting. And although this past hurricane season was less than spectacular — discounting Sandy, […]

February 26th

The Deadliest U.S. Hurricanes [Infographic]

There’s been considerable press on the aftermath and economic impact of hurricane Sandy (and no doubt more to come following the ‘nor’easter’ that just hit the east coast) including data on estimated reconstruction costs by various states. But here now is the newest summary (infographic) on “Frankenstorm” Sandy’s impact with comparison data to other devastating […]

November 9th

NJ Republican Governor Chris Christie: Nothing But Praise For Obama Support, Doesn't "Give A Damn" About Romney Photo Op

  This video below is awesome on a few levels. For one, New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie completely sticks it to Fox News, nails Fox News correspondents like the morons they are, for bringing up a potential Romney photo op in the wake of Hurricane Sandy devastating the state. This is what everyone should […]

October 31st

Sandy & Global Warming Not A Laughing Matter, No Matter What Romney & 'Top' Republicans Think

  Mitt Romney made a big joke during the Republican national convention about Obama’s efforts to address climate change, and the crowd loved it. He then made the note that he was going to “help you and your family” — very contradictory statements there. As is evident with this freak storm Sandy, addressing global warming […]

October 31st