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US EPA Approves Monsanto’s “RNA Interference” Insecticide — GMO Maize/Corn Intended To Actively Interfere With The Healthy Functioning Of Pest Genomes

When you think of insecticides you probably think of dangerous chemical compounds that allow modern industrial agriculture (and its high yields) to occur, but that also have some negative effects on the environment and also on human/animal health. The effects of a certain class of insecticides on honeybees, for instance, may well be what comes […]

August 8th

In Search of Ancient Alien Microbes & the Origin of Life [Commentary]

I will admit, there is a strange awe and “coolness” to such fringe theories; they are intriguing and evoke a sense of cosmic mystery. And even a respected scientist can fall under their speculative spells. It is possible that Life did originate far off Earth (glycine, an amino acid, has been found in comet dust), or, by meddling extraterrestrials. How marvelous to contemplate!

But it need not be so mundane an alternative to look for Life’s origin here on Earth, where it most likely has its home. The Earth is an amazing planet! It produces amazing lifeforms (including us) that command our admiration and awe… and our science. How marvelous to live on such a planet…

March 8th

New Stem Cell Technique is "Major Advance"

The development of stem cell science and the cultivation of embryonic stem (ES) cells has been marked by controversy due to the required destruction of the embryos from which the cells derived. Embryonic stem cells are valued because they are undifferentiated cells that, given the right biological prompts, can develop into almost any other type […]

November 11th