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Videos of 7 Activists Who Got Jailed This Week for Hanging “Chevron Guilty: Clean Up Amazon” Banner from Bridge

7 activists from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) got jailed earlier this week for standing with 30,000 Ecuadoreans who were affected by Chevron’s toxic legacy. These activists, as you can see in the videos below, climbed and dropped a banner from the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge near Chevron’s Richmond refinery with the statement “Chevron Guilty: Clean Up Amazon” on it.

May 28th

Huge Win for Southern U.S. Forests (& the World)

90 million acres of Southern hardwood forests, along with 600,000 acres in 11 endangered forests and special areas in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Eco-Region, recently got a big boost in protection. Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific (GP) has announced that “it will no longer purchase trees from endangered forests and special areas, or from new pine plantations established at […]

December 27th

Chevron's Alter-ego

Chevron has a horrible environmental record, especially in South America. As Jeremy Bloom of Red, Green and Blue writes: For years, Chevron (and predecessor companies now owned by Chevron) trashed the pristine Amazon rainforest, drilling, spilling, and then walking away. They were sued by a coalition of indiginous peoples whose land was tainted by Chevron; […]

October 22nd

Scientists: We Need More than Google Earth to Fight Deforestation

While deforestation is clearly visible from satellite imagery, selective logging of rainforests is much harder to track. A team of some of the best scientists across the world have developed estimates of the severity of human logging in tropical regions, but say they really have no idea how accurate they are. [social_buttons] At today’s symposium […]

January 12th

The Top 10 Victories for the Environmental Movement in 2008

Environmental activists represent the planet against the interests of corporations and human greed, all in an attempt to preserve our natural world for future generations. Tactics vary from radical to judicial, yet they share many of the same goals and dreams. [social_buttons] For every new coal plant, for every new species facing extinction, and for […]

December 9th