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NASA Releases New Climate Forecasts Through 2100

The good news is that NASA has just released research on how temperature and rainfall patterns worldwide may change because of the concentrations of greenhouse gas growing in Earth’s atmosphere. The space scientists have based their conclusions on historical measurements and robust scenarios of increasing carbon dioxide produced from 21 climate models: specifically, General Circulation […]

June 11th

Are Tropical Forests Resistant To Global Warming?

Understanding the planet’s reaction to global warming is an important step in predicting what we might expect to face in the coming decades, and a new recently published study has found that tropical forests are more resilient to global warming than previously understood. The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, is the most comprehensive assessment […]

March 13th

NASA Satellite Catches East Coast Storm Rainfall

As shown in last weeks Aqua satellite image a massive storm stretched over almost two-thirds of the United States. Flooding was reported from Louisiana to northern New York, and you can see why in this rain map provided by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Source: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

March 15th

Weather Extremes Could be a Growing Trend for Northern Australia

Northern Australia has suffered its fair share of trials and tribulations these past few months, with floods burying huge swathes of Queensland under water only to be hit by one of the most powerful cyclones ever to hit the country. Extreme rain events such as these may be a growing trend though, according to new […]

February 9th

Dual Amazon Droughts Alarm Scientists

2005 saw the worst drought in the Amazon rainforest for over a hundred years, and was believed to be just that; a one in a hundred year event. Sadly, only five years later and another drought hit the Amazon rainforest. And scientists now believe that the 2010 drought may have been even more devastating to […]

February 8th

Trade Winds in Tropical Atlantic Have Weakened

With 70% of our planet covered with water, understanding the effect it has on our lives and the world around us is important, but sadly, the necessity for understanding it is also a hindrance in doing so; with so much water, it is difficult to acquire accurate and reliable measurements. Scientists have long attempted to […]

February 8th

Changing Climate in South East Australia

Despite the wonderful rains that have been falling over the past few months in my vicinity of the world, south-east Australia is likely to suffer below-average rainfall and drier conditions in the future. The findings were released in the report Climate Variability and change in south-eastern Australia, produced by the South Eastern Australian Climate Initiative […]

October 27th

British Experiments to Test Ecological Conditions in 2100, Today

There is almost nothing quite as intriguing and interesting as learning of a new experiment. And while Bunsen burners and the like may be OK for some of you, for me, get me outside and in some dirt any day. A new experiment, being conducted at Imperial College London’s Silwood Park campus in Berkshire, will […]

September 28th