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What's "Sustainable Development"? Free Online Course!

On his blog “I see a change,” Nigerian Youth Development Expert Olumide Idowu presents the elements of sustainable development (source: olumideidowu.blog.com). Not all online courses provide all they promise you, but here’s one that should answer all your questions about environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive economic development. It will also challenge you to find out more. […]

January 24th

Population Connection Live Event Today To Cover America's Aging Population And The Environmental Ramifications of Population Growth

Regardless of the environmental and health challenge we face today, whether it’s global climate change, solid waste, or toxic releases, the root cause can reasonably be traced back to one thing: a growing human population with unsustainable wants and needs. The human population on Earth hit 7 billion 2 years ago, and we’ve been adding […]

June 21st

Global Food Crisis (Global Crisis Series)

Just as the world is fragile and susceptible to devastation, so is the human race. If the perfect balance that keeps humanity together is disrupted, then some of the consequences can be quite unfortunate. The perfect balance that keeps the world in harmony is being disrupted and the possibility of a major catastrophe is imminent. There is an ominous global crisis about to transpire from a shortage of food and a decline in the global financial system, and it will have a dire effect on all humanity.

October 29th

How Climate Change Changes Evolution – One Bird's Story

As average global temperatures increase, biologists anticipate more negative impacts from this change on a great many species of plants and animals. In most cases, scientists expect climate change to damage ecosystem integrity and ultimately accelerate the extinction of a great many species (as appears to be already happening in many quarters of the globe). […]

February 6th

Already Too Late for Humanity says Expert

Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner believes that humanity will die out, maybe in one hundred years. In a recent and rare interview, Fenner, who is emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University in Canberra, said that homo sapiens will not survive the current population explosion and what he termed the “unbridled consumption” […]

June 27th