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Forest Elephant Populations Have Seen An ~80% Decline In Central Africa’s Most Important Preserve Because Of Poaching

Forest elephant populations in Central Africa’s most important nature preserve, Gabon’s Minkébé National Park, have declined by between 78^ and 81% over recent times as a result of poaching, new research from Duke University has found. So, even in Central Africa’s largest nature preserve, poaching is still enough of a problem that forest elephants are […]

February 22nd

“It is time to get serious about wildlife crime.”

World Wildlife Day not only offers a good opportunity to celebrate beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora. The day helps raise awareness of conservation and its many benefits to people as well. It also reminds us to step up the urgent fight against wildlife crime, with its wide-ranging environmental, economic, and social impacts. On December […]

March 3rd

Solar For Goodall’s Congo Chimps Needs Crowdfund Help

. The Tchimpounga chimpanzee sanctuary in the Republic of Congo needs some help with solar power. Jane Goodall Institute, founded by renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, runs the sanctuary and wants to install new solar panels to power it reliably. Home to 160 chimpanzees, Tchimpounga currently gets electricity to run lighting, veterinary medical equipment, administrative machinery, […]

June 28th

Human Virus Linked to Deaths of Two Mountain Gorillas

A form of human metapneumovirus (HMPV) has been identified as the likely cause of death in two mountain gorillas, an infant and adult female, following an outbreak of respiratory disease that hit Rwanda in 2009. The source of the virus is unknown and an unknown number of other gorillas may be carrying the virus. Due to the genetic compatibility of humans and gorillas, wildlife biologists have long feared and predicted the spread of human diseases into this critically endangered population. Now, it appears, their worst fears may have come true.

April 4th

U.S. Manatee Deaths Hit Record Level in 2010

In concluding the International Year of Biodiversity, the good news is that manatees are still with us, the bad news is that manatee deaths in U.S. waters continue to climb. In 2009, there were 429 reported manatee deaths, which was about double the number from 2008.  As of December 2010, however, manatee deaths totaled 699. […]

January 9th

Smugglers Make Big Bucks Selling Deer to Texas Resorts

If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know there’s no shortage of deer. They’re everywhere. But apparently that’s not enough for the elite hunting resorts that artificially maintain a herd of white-tailed deer through breeding farms and stock auctions – they can’t keep up the demand for big bucks due to trophy hunting desires. [social_buttons] […]

January 7th

Native Man Killed by Poachers Over Illegal Fishing Catch

Poachers killed an indigenous man on the remote Indian Andaman Islands after him and other members of his tribe, the Jarawa, requested that the poachers share their fish bounty with the tribe. The Andamans and their surrounding waters are protected but an increasing number of poachers have been fishing in the area.

December 2nd

Government in South Africa Earns Millions in Ivory Auction, Proceeds Go Towards Conservation

South African National Parks (SANParks) held a UN sanctioned auction on November 6th,  where they sold off 47 metric tons of stockpiled ivory, earning the government conservation agency US$6.7 million. [social_buttons]The auction in South Africa marked the end of a “once-off” sale of ivory approved by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) […]

November 10th